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About Us

More than legal business

About us

Founded in 2014

About Us

Arcadia Advocates is a partnership of Advocates assisted by several legal associates serving numerous clients in Uganda and East Africa. Since our set up, we have served several individuals and clients in diverse sectors, ranging from profit-oriented concerns to welfare based international and national NGOs and Government agencies. We are highly experienced in addressing the peculiar needs of each one of our clients.



In November 2014, Arcadia opened its doors. Its Partners, Mr. Sylvester Henry Wambuga, Mr. Isaac Bakayana, Mr. Robert Bautu and Mr. Paul Kuteesa came together with a business vision. To them, all business people, had a common goal to grow their businesses. They were not interested in which Judge was on leave or was attending a conference or had travelled to the different cities of the World. To the business World, there was a need for a lawyer who completed a transaction, could revert quickly, did not wait “until tomorrow” to reply an email, and most importantly completed a transaction with zero explanations. To the Team, Arcadia had to simply be “More than Legal Business,” with completely “zero tolerance to explanations”.


We guarantee a professional, excellent and innovative service for our Clients in a timely manner.



A law firm of excellence and innovation providing world class legal services


Our Core Values

  • • Unwavering and attentive Client focus. We must always understand our Client’s intended outcome in all matters. This then guides all our support to the Client.
  • • Our never-ending desire to render our service with “Excellence”. We believe in being more excellent than we were yesterday. To us, excellence is not static. We keep on improving, learning and offering services always better than yesterday
  • • Ours is a service that ensures that our Client has a complete peace of mind, because to us integrity is not just a word, it is a life style. We offer our services transparently and maintain a strict code of conduct.
  • • We understand that together as a Team, we bring more than 50 years of different experiences. This way, our Clients are comfortable in knowing that their instructions will be viewed from 50 different perspectives and the best solution proposed.

Where we are

Acacia Place, Plot 6 Acacia Avenue
Opposite former Uganda Law Society offices

Kampala Uganda

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Open Hours

Mon - Fri
8:00 am to 5:00 pm