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Our Litigation department comprises of Mr. Paul Kuteesa, Mr. Henry Nyegenye, Mr.  Jordan Kinyera and Mr. Hamza Ssekamate. The court room is seen as a meeting of minds. Before the Justices, Judges and Magistrates we present our Clients’ cases. With the law and evidence at sleeve, the lead litigators in the market are backed by a wealth of experience representing and arguing the most complex of cases. We support clients such as, Excel Construction Ltd, Metropole, Mabu Commodities, Makerere Retirement Benefit Scheme, East African Steel Cooperation.  We have successfully handled various electoral petitions and elections petitions appeal on the Uganda Electoral Commission’s behalf in both the High Court and Court of Appeal.

Where we are

Acacia Place, Plot 6 Acacia Avenue
Opposite former Uganda Law Society offices

Kampala Uganda

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Open Hours

Mon - Fri
8:00 am to 5:00 pm