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Natural Resources department

Our Natural Resources department, comprises of Mr. Robert Bautu and Ms. Martha Timugibwa.   The Country is young and with great promise. With plenty of resource hidden beneath the land or flowing from it, we seek to ensure effective and efficient management of the same.  Our team of advisers, consultants and experts alike have manned and engineered projects to fruition. We constantly value the fact that resources though natural need a more than delicate appeal. We have advised in a number of transactions including but not limited to;

  • Legal advisory on the proposal to construct an oil pipeline, refinery and power transmission plant in South Sudan;
  • Legal Advisory to Maclister Energy Limited, a conglomerate of Mantle oil and Gas LLC, a company engaged in the provision of oil and gas exploration services since 2009;
  • Legal Advisor to AAE Inc. on acquisition of an exploration license in Uganda. The license was granted.
  • Legal advisory to ABN Energy Services a subsidiary of ABN Texas offering lease crews, backhoes, welders, workover rigs, swabbing units along with numerous other things that a company may need to use to work in the Energy sector.
  • Advising one of the leading sugar producers in licensing and regulatory mechanism for production of Electricity Co-generation and Bio-fuels.
  • Advising one of the Oil exploration Companies in setting up in Uganda and subsequently in litigating and advising it on land acquisition for the exploration areas;

Where we are

Acacia Place, Plot 6 Acacia Avenue
Opposite former Uganda Law Society offices

Kampala Uganda

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